"The Big Picture": photos in the news

by googler@evpl on Monday, September 15 2008, 12:27pm. Viewed 1,044 times.

I've been looking for a good reason to link to The Big Picture, and Hurricane Ike is it. The Big Picture is a remarkable photo blog from the Boston Globe, intended to highlight quality imagery of current interest. This site is worth checking out daily -- every time I visit, there's something that makes me say "Wow."


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kiya@evpl wrote
on Monday, September 15 2008, 12:59pm

Wow! is right. Thanks.  I hadn't known of this website, and it is terrific. The series on the Paralympics is great, too.

on Tuesday, September 16 2008, 3:19pm

Thanks for sharing!  Now I feel bad for fretting about the two big limbs that fell at our house -- one resting on on the back porch on top of some wires and one temporarily held up (fortunately) by the great big gum tree that stands next to it.  The remnants of Ike pale in comparison to the main blast.

I'm bookmarking this site.