Paul Newman, 1925 - 2008

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Paul Newman is an iconic figure in American film, and his life, times, and work figure significantly in the EVPL collection.  To be reminded of the breathtaking good looks and inspirational pursuits that made him a star both on and off the screen, take a look at Paul Newman, a Life in Pictures, edited by Yann-Brice Dherbier & Pierre-Henri Verlliac.

Here's what our Biography Resource Center database has to say about him.

And what will happen to Newman's Own, the food company founded by the actor in 1982 to fund his philanthropic causes?  CNN speculates in this article published earlier today.

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GoldensRule@evpl wrote
on Monday, September 29 2008, 8:38am

I can still remember seeing HUD for the first time and thinking "oh my god ...that is what sexual chemistry is"   He was the kids would say "smokin hot"  glad to see the library posted something so quickly on this American Icon.