Official ".gov" web site of the office of the President Elect

by Bufkinite@evpl on Saturday, November 8 2008, 9:18am. Viewed 941 times.

It's been said that Barack Obama ran a transformational campaign, and is a transformational political figure.  Now, with the advent of, we have what looks like the beginning of a transformational Presidency. This is the official ".gov" website of the office of the President-elect.  Not politics, but policy.

Top-of-page informational links include a Newsroom and Blog, a "Learn" link to biographical information on the Presidential and Vice-Presidential families, and an "Agenda" link with Obama adminstration policy statements in 25 different policy areas.

But the truly "transformational" part are the remaining top-of-page links.  The "American Moment" link invites you to share your vision for the direction America needs to go.  The "America Serves" link currently is not very fleshed out, but looks to become a clearinghouse to opportunities for citizens to volunteer for the Peace Corps, Americorps, and projected new government orchestrated volunteer organizations: Classroom Corps, Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and Veterans Corps.  The "Jobs" link encourages anyone to begin the process of applying for a job in the Obama administration.  Finally, the "About" link contains links for contacting the transition team, and a link to the GSA's "Transition Directory," a very interesting document which was developed to assist in-coming administrations work with the current administration to smooth the transfer of power.

Thanks to googler@evpl for bringing this site to my attention.

What do you think about this level of transparency?  What is your vision for the first 100 days of an Obama administration?

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googler@evpl wrote
on Saturday, November 8 2008, 12:05pm

And I need to pass along thanks (and credit) to my internet community for bringing it to my attention.

on Wednesday, November 12 2008, 3:36pm

Obama to pioneer Web outreach as president