New computers at EVPL libraries

by professor.knowsitall@evpl on Monday, November 10 2008, 3:29pm. Viewed 1,166 times.

Dell Optiplex 755Public-use computers at all EVPL libraries are being replaced with new Dell Optiplex 755 computers.  With Windows XP, Core 2 Duo processors, and 2GB of RAM, these computers are much speedier than our old ones!  These computers also include DVD burners (that burn CDs as well) and memory card readers (for use with memory cards from digital cameras).

Due to the unreliable nature of floppy disks (mysteriously losing files or getting jammed in disk drives), these new computers do NOT have floppy disk drives.  We recommend patrons upgrade to one of the following storage methods to work on files at EVPL libraries:

  • Flash Drives (recommended): These plug into a USB port and are accessed just like a floppy disk.  However, they are much more reliable and spacious than floppy disks.  Flash drives with 1GB of storage can be purchased for $10 at all EVPL libraries.
  • Memory Cards: Memory cards, like those used in digital cameras, can be inserted into the memory card reader and used as a disk.
  • CD-R/DVD-R: Files can be burned to writeable CD-R or DVD-R.  However, working with files on a CD-R/DVD-R is much more cumbersome than with a flash drive/memory card; CD-R/DVD-R is not recommended for files you'll be updating regularly.  CD-Rs with 700MB of storage can be purchased for $1 at all EVPL libraries.

These new computers are already available at East, McCollough, Red Bank, Stringtown, & West.  They'll be installed at Central, North Park, & Oaklyn by the end of the month.

Finally, we're having a Computer Sale this Friday at 9:00am.  We'll be selling off some of our old computers.  Stop by if you're looking for a good deal!

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