Plunkett Research Online Just Got Better

by Bufkinite@evpl on Wednesday, November 26 2008, 3:10pm. Viewed 769 times.

One of EVPL's many databases, Plunkett Research Online, is a great tool for researching current trends in 32 distinct industry sectors, including everything from Alternative Energy to Wireless Technology.  For each industry sector examined, you'll find a market overview and an analysis of major trends for each company, an industry-specific glossary written in language that is easy-to-understand, a statistics section containing extensive data on many facets of the industry, and in-depth profiles of leading companies in each industry.

Now, Plunkett has added current job information to its company profiles.  In the sample page image below, you can see the result of a search for 3M Company.  Just below the company name is the heading, "Latest 3M Company Jobs."  The first three positions are directly linked, while more positions and job details are just a button click away.  In today's very tight job market, this kind of resource is very likely to come in handy.


Results page of a search for 3M Corporation

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