The Christmas tree dilemma: real or fake?

by googler@evpl on Monday, December 8 2008, 3:47pm. Viewed 926 times.

tree farm imageAn environmental blog, Sustainablog, recently weighed in on the real-or-fake Christmas tree question, and their answer might surprise you. They believe it's more environmentally friendly to use a live tree every year, as long as you recyle it after Christmas, and particularly if you buy a locally grown tree. Buying directly from a local tree farm is always the best way to go, they say. identifies two farms in our area. This site also has a guide to the various species used for Christmas trees and tips on caring for a live tree.

And just for fun, here are some facts and trivia about Christmas trees.

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Bufkinite@evpl wrote
on Saturday, January 31 2009, 9:33am

How about NO Christmas tree?  Christmas 2008 my family put lights and ornaments on a potted ficus tree we keep outside in the summer, and bring in for the winter, figuring it would save us time, money, and cut down on having to recycle the "spent" tree after Christmas.

We were pleased with the results, and friends and neighbors commented on how nice and festive it looked.