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by Bufkinite@evpl on Wednesday, January 21 2009, 4:26pm. Viewed 1,220 times.

Global Road Warrior banner adA new database called Global Road Warrior brings you comprehensive information on 175 countries around the world.  And when I say "comprehensive" that is exactly what I mean.  There is information in over 100 specific areas for each country listed.

There is basic information like geography (including flags and maps for each country), govenment, and climate; information about the society and culture, like standard greetings and courtesies, food peculiar to the area (including recipes), holidays, religions, and sports; information about how business is conducted, with special attention given to women in business; information about the currency used there, including a currency converter; and infrastructure information including electricity, telephones, Internet connectivity and ISPs, telegram, fax, and postal services.

In addition, there is a "security briefing" for every country taken directly from the CIA's World Factbook, health and medical information, and contact information - addresses, email, and telephone numbers - for all foreign embassies and consulates within each country.

Below left is a screen shot of the home page for Mongolia.  The menu on the left is standard for each country, and includes the information outlined above and much more.  Below right is a close-up of the standard menu, with an example of the sub-menu choices for "Society and Culture," to give you an idea of the richness of this resource.

Teachers will especially enjoy global road warrior!  The maps listed for each country include a simple outline map as well as an outline map that includes outlines of states & provinces.  There is also a list of "essential terms" for each country: how to say "hello," "goodbye," "yes," "no," and the other essential words and phrases you'll need to get around.

The search interface is very easy to use, and allows you to search within a particular country, or search for a particular term across all countries.  Try it today and see what you think about EVPL's newest database offering.
Screen shot of Global Road Warrior's home page.Menu with sub-menus from Global Road Warrior

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on Thursday, January 22 2009, 12:52pm

Hey, this is great for all those papers students do on specific countries. I can already tell how useful it will be. Should also be helpful for travelers. I love it already!