The expression on W's face... priceless

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Friday, January 30 2009, 3:10pm. Viewed 1,124 times.

I just came across the coolest website covering the Obama Inauguration today.  While it isn't the most fact-filled, nor is it insightful about the current administration and its goals for our future, it has probably one of the best panoramic photos from said historic day.  Super high resolution and zoomable viewing make for a feeling of almost being there. 

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on Friday, January 30 2009, 4:13pm

That photo was taken by a GigaPan beta user.  It's made up of 220 individual photos, at a size of 59,783 x 24,658 pixels (1,474 megapixels!).

The GigaPan Epic device was actually made available for the public to purchase TODAY at

You simply mount a standard consumer 3+ megapixel digital camera in it, zoom in as far as possible, set your range, and it automatically snaps tens/hundreds/thousands of separate photos to make up the entire image.  You download the photos to your computer, and their software stitches em into a hugemongous image.

The website is a community of GigaPan users, where they can upload their images.  Lots of interesting stuff there!