Consumer Product Safety Commission Announces One-Year Stay on Implementation of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

by Bufkinite@evpl on Sunday, February 1 2009, 3:08pm. Viewed 875 times.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was scheduled to become law on February 10th of this year, and it had librarians all over the country worried, in that it would have required every book in the children's library - and possibly in the entire library - to be tested for the presence of lead.

But on January 30th the Consumer Products Safety Commission released an announcement to the Federal Register staying implementation of CPSIA for one year, until February 10, 2010. Click here to read the announcement.

This give libraries a little breathing room, but only until 2010.  We know the books in our collections are safe, and so the American Library Association is recommending that libraries be exempt from this law. Those interested in assisting libraries in the effort to get libraries exepmted from CPSIA's requirements can find more information here.

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