The MAN Better Give Me My Money!!!

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Friday, February 27 2009, 12:54pm. Viewed 838 times.

Filed your taxes and are now impatient to get the money you and your accountant think you are owed?  It looks like technology may be slowly catching up to our collective impatience.  Both the IRS as well as the Indiana Department of Revenue offer web pages that give tax payers the ability to check on their already filed claim for return.  The set-ups are simple to use and ask only for brief bits of peronal information.  Be aware that you will need your Social Security Number and the amount of the promised return to get a response from said pages.  Also, keep in mind it will take a couple of days before the two services will offer you the promised day of return after you have filed your forms.  Follow the IRS and DOR links to check on your hard-earned money.

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