Natasha's lesson saves Ohio girl

by googler@evpl on Thursday, March 26 2009, 4:02pm. Viewed 2,711 times.

Brain x-ray imageNatasha Richardson's recent death from a head injury may have you asking yourself, when does a head injury require medical attention? That's a very good question. This article, about a seven-year-old girl who experienced an epidural hematoma but had no symptoms for two days, gives a list of what to watch for after someone has suffered a head injury. Symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, headache and confusion, and sudden changes in symptoms, are the red flags.

And you'll also be happy to know that the little's girls parents, alerted to the dangers of head injury by a news report about Natasha, were able to get her to a doctor in time, and she's fine now.

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