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by googler@evpl on Tuesday, March 31 2009, 5:01pm. Viewed 1,528 times.

classifed ads illustrationThere is plenty of help available online for job seekers. You probably know of some of these sites, but probably not all.

Career Builder is probably the web's largest online job site, with over a million openings listed. Besides allowing you to search for jobs, they also offer a job recommendations service, based on keywords in your searches and your resume. There's a career aptitude test, a salary calculator, resume help, and more.

Monster is another large site, and also offers advice on resumes, interviewing, etc.

Many sites and articles recommend Craigslist, although I'm not sure if the Evansville page has really taken off. It's certainly worth checking, though, particularly for those looking to relocate to larger cities, like Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Louisville.

The federal government's official site is currently listing over 45,000 jobs. Besides the openings and all the information you need to apply, there are specialized services for veterans, students, and people with disabilities. 

Hound aggregates job listings found on employers' own websites. There is a good possibility that many things listed here are not listed elsewhere.

Indeed is another aggregator, pulling items from employer websites, job sites, and other online sources. You might like the very simple interface.

Need more? Head over to PC Magazine's list of twenty best job search sites.


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Bufkinite@evpl wrote
on Thursday, April 9 2009, 11:09am

Plunkett Research, one of EVPL's many databases, pulls information off of Indeed for many of the companies it profiles, so that (for instance) those interested in GE's company profile will also find links to positions currently available at GE.  It's pretty cool, and helps users by associating the jobs with the companies.