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by googler@evpl on Friday, April 3 2009, 2:16pm. Viewed 1,555 times.

2004 Honda Civic SIHaving second thoughts about buying a new car this year, but need to replace your old one? In the October 2008 issue, Consumer Reports said "choosing a three-year-old car instead of a new one can save you thousands of dollars over the first five years."

But choosing and buying a used car can be a little daunting. That's why CNET's Webware recently rounded up twenty-four websites to help you out. They include:

Carfax:  Don't even consider buying that used car until you consult Carfax with its Vehicle Identification Number. Research, reviews, general shopping advice, and more.

Edmunds: one of the most celebrated names in automobiles because of the depth and quality of its car reviews.

Kelley Blue Book: one of the most trustworthy resources for the real value of cars you're looking to buy.

Be sure to check out the whole article for more great sites. And happy shopping!


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googler@evpl wrote
on Tuesday, April 28 2009, 7:49pm

Check out, which reports on prices actually paid for cars. Very easy to use, giving data you can either use in your negotiation, or simply points out the best deals currently being offered.