Recycling your old gadgets

by googler@evpl on Tuesday, April 7 2009, 5:57pm. Viewed 6,424 times.

cell phone clip artElectronic devices aren't the easiest things to get rid of, at least not responsibly. Luckily the "How-to wiki" at Wired Magazine has tracked down some recyling programs from manufacturers and other sources.

They begin with Best Buy, which is able to accept all sorts of electronics for recyling, most at no charge. And what they do charge for is offset with a Best Buy gift card.

They also highlight the website Gazelle, which pays for the item if it has resale value, and for the shipping if it doesn't. Check out their list of what they accept.

The article even outlines the recyling programs currently in place with such manufacturers as Apple, Canon, Dell, Sony, and much more.

And don't forget the EPA itself, which encourages the recycling of electronics by offering basic information, linking to state and regional programs, outlining regulations and standards, and more.


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on Wednesday, April 8 2009, 8:28am

A recycling service I found that's good for chronic-upgraders (such as myself!) is TechForward.

It works differently than others I've found...within 30 days of purchasing a supported type of gadget, you purchase a Guaranteed Buyback Plan.  Once you're ready to ditch the item, you send it to them and they'll pay you a percentage based on how long it's been.  They ensure the device is reused or recycled.

on Wednesday, April 8 2009, 12:09pm

Another thought- In this past Sundays Courier and Press (dated 4-5-09) there was an insert that listed places in the area to recycle all sorts of items (paper, cans electronics and more).  

Bufkinite@evpl wrote
on Thursday, April 9 2009, 11:14am

Locally, C & I Electronics ( recycles, rebuilds, and resells electronic devices.  They handle commercial and residential stuff, and can pick up!  Check them out for more information.