Hard-to-find customer service

by googler@evpl on Wednesday, April 15 2009, 9:47am. Viewed 795 times.

customer service representativeIt seems that the more prominently web-based a business is, the harder it is to contact customer service, particularly a human via telephone. A website called ContactHelp maintains a database of tricks for bypassing the customer service circus and getting to a real person. Just type the company name into the search box, and you'll get detailed instructions, written by a person who's had a successful contact, that tell you what number to dial and what will happen after you dial it.

It also gives company hours of operation, email addresses, and links to customer service FAQs and knowledge bases when available. Plus it offers users the ability to rate companies and leave comments.

And if ContactHelp doesn't show the company you're looking for, try GetHuman. Between these two sites, you should be able to conquer the menu trees and get to a real human for just about any major brand.

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