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by SuDocQueen@evpl on Friday, April 17 2009, 11:11am. Viewed 1,602 times.

Just this week I was helping a library user who was very grateful, but surprised to discover we had a collection of local yearbooks.  Their surprise and gratitude made me wonder how many others out there aren't aware of this wonderful resource.

So for those who didn't know or have forgotten, yes, we have a very nice collection of local yearbooks in our Indiana Room at Central.  Made up primarily of high school yearbooks, the collection also boasts some local college yearbooks and even a couple for elementary/middle schools.  Looking at them can be a hilarious and poignant walk down memory lane as well as a handy resource for those doing research.

Now, before you rush downtown to view yourself in all your high school glory, I need to give you a couple of caveats.  First, be sure the Indiana Room is open before you make the trip here (if that's the only reason you're coming to Central).  The Indiana Room is only open when our Special Collections Librarian can be present to help you with your research, so be sure to check here for the Room's hours of operation.

And, the second caveat, before rushing down, you might also want to make sure we have the yearbook you're interested in.  Our collection has been built from donations and unfortunately we are missing some years for all the schools.  Here is the list of those books we have.

Speaking of those missing years, we're always looking to fill those holes and continue to grow the collection.  If in your spring cleaning you run across an old yearbook you no longer want and wonder what to do with it, donate it to us!  We'd be thrilled to have it.

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