Services available to laptop users at EVPL libraries

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Do you have a laptop?  Bring it in on your next visit to the EVPL to take advantage of the following services!

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet AccessWireless internet access (aka Wi-Fi) is available for free at all locations.  If your laptop has a wireless network card (odds are that it does), you'll simply need to enable it and connect to the "evpl-public" network.

Wireless internet access is compatible with Windows & Mac laptops, and most portable devices containing a Wi-Fi radio (such as cellphones, PDAs, etc).  Check out our Wireless Internet Access page for step-by-step instructions on connecting with your specific operating system.


Wired Internet Access

If your laptop doesn't have wireless capabilities, wired internet access is also available at all locations.  Bring an ethernet cable with you and ask a staff member for assistance.  Wired internet access is compatible with Windows & Mac laptops.


Laptop Printing New!

Laptop PrintingA service we just recently added, laptop users can now print to library printers while at any EVPL location!  By running a small print client from our website, library printers at the user's current location will appear on their laptop just like locally-connected printers would.  Upon printing from the laptop, the print job can be paid for & retrieved from any Print Release Station at the user's current location.

Laptop printing is compatible with Windows laptops; Mac compatibility is not available.  Check out our Laptop Printing page for step-by-step instructions on using the Mobile Print Client on your laptop.  As the Mobile Print Client is only available on personal laptops used within the library, the "Launch Mobile Print Client" button is purposely disabled on all other computers.


With the increasing popularity of laptops, netbooks, and other connected portable devices, we're pleased to offer these connectivity options to our users.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post them in the comments section below!

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