Census Bureau is hiring in preparation for the 2010 Census!

by SuDocQueen@evpl on Wednesday, April 29 2009, 2:13pm. Viewed 832 times.

These are tough times for everyone.  Some people have lost jobs; others just need a little extra income to help make ends meet.  For those people even a temporary job can be better than no job at all.  If you're in that situation, you should checkout http://www.census.gov/rochi/www/2010Jobs.html.  From there you can access all the 2010 Census job opportunities the Bureau has available.  You'll have to click on each link and read through the different PDFs.  It looks like most of their current hiring is for office work, but Evansville is one of the geographic areas they're hiring for...  And, as we get closer to the Census kick-off date of April 1, 2010, they'll no doubt start hiring part-time temporary help as well so if you don't see a job that fits you right now, keep checking back.

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