It's Orange Cone Season Again: How To Avoid Construction Delays

by Bufkinite@evpl on Friday, May 8 2009, 12:09pm. Viewed 594 times.

It's Orange Cone Time!Orange cones seem to blossom along our state's road and highways this time of year like mushrooms after a spring rain.  Coming to work every day from Posey County, I already have to navigate six to eight miles of one-lane traffic along State Highway 62.  People traveling on Lincoln Ave. and other areas in the northeast of Evansville are also contending with traffic delays and congestion resulting from road construction.

There are a few resources for finding out about road construction projects which may come in handy if you're planning a road trip in the Hoosier State anytime soon.  It would be nice if all of these resources were combined into one site where all current state-funded projects were listed, but until then, use these three to locate construction projects in your area:


  1. The "Major Moves" website of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) features a map of Indiana counties, where clicking on any county returns a list of Major Moves projects going on there.  
  2. INDOT also maintains a road restrictions page for non-Major Moves projects that temporarily close, partially close, or restrict access to state roads and highways due to construction projects.  
  3. Finally, INDOT has a current construction projects page that lists projects currently under construction, projects near construction, and current study corridors.
The Vanderburgh County Highway Department has a Road Alerts page that includes links to information on road closings, snow removal, flood alerts, and more - including a link to a page where you can report a problem or file a complaint.


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