The Library might be a solution to your problem...

by kiya@evpl on Saturday, May 23 2009, 12:07pm. Viewed 795 times.

The problem:  A customer needed to locate a relative of a deceased friend, but couldn’t remember the relative’s name.

Her solution:  Look up the obituary online, and find the name in the list of survivors.  She went to the Courier and Press website, and searched for the obituary.  She found a listing for the obituary but the text of the obituary was no longer available for free.  They kindly offered to sell it to her for a small fee.

The alternative solution:  She came to the library hoping to find the obituary in our old newspapers, and was disappointed to find we didn’t have the newspaper itself at our branch. However, I checked the Browning Genealogy Database, and found the entry for her friend’s obituary, complete with the list of survivors. Then a quick look at the phone book, and she had located her missing person!

I continue to be grateful to Mr. Charles Browning and family, for all the long hours and hard work that went into constructing this extremely useful database, which can be found at

What puzzle are you working on?  Maybe the library can help! Ask us.  


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