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Come Tweet with us!!  EVPL is venturing into the Twitterverse, and you're invited to follow along. We currently have two Twitter accounts: one at for information about Library programs and other informational announcements; and one at for reviews of books, movies, and music.

Twitter is a free service that allows you to keep in touch with others through the exchange of small, frequent updates. When you create an account at, you'll be able to update your own status to let your followers know what movies you've seen, where you're going on vacation, and how your daughter did in the big soccer game. You'll also be able to follow other people and institutions to get information about what's going on with them.

There are number of ways to update and receive "tweets" -- you don't have to open the website on a PC. You can use Twitter clients similar to IM widgits (some are listed here) or even your phone.

For more information on why and how to use Twitter, try "Why Twitter Anyways?" and this excellent True Beginner's Guide to Twitter. The Library will also offer a class on social networking that will include Twitter.

Once you've gotten started, you'll be able to ask questions and send direct messages to us (and anyone else you're following, if they're also following you). It's all about communication, after all, and this is just one more avenue for doing that. So check us out, and let us know what else you might like to see in our Twitter streams! 

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