Yard sale season in full swing

by googler@evpl on Friday, June 26 2009, 11:16am. Viewed 1,079 times.

book coverThe best thing about holding a yard sale in hot weather is the kids can also set up a lemonade stand and rake in the cash. The worst thing is, well, it's hot. But this is Evansville, this is what we do -- we hold yard sales in the summer.

And even people who think they know everything there is to know about having a yard sale might be surprised at all the great ideas, hints, and tips that are available. For instance, this gem: "Ever notice how hard a woman has to work to convince a man to stop at a yard sale? To solve this, set out an old lawn mower or power tools out front in plain view of the road, and you'll get more business." Brilliant! That's from the site of the "yard sale queen" (and she might actually deserve the title).

Other good sites with tips include Tipnut and OrganizedHome.

And be sure check out the books that give instructions and tips, too. We even have books that might help you come up with prices on your collectibles.

The Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual might help you set your prices.

Once Upon a Garage Sale tells you everything you need to know to "make more money, get rid of more stuff, and otherwise succeed at your garage sale." Also check out "Garage Sale Mania! : How to Hold a Profitable Garage, Yard, or Tag Sale."

Are you a yard sale seller? What are your tips? And if you're a buyer, tell us about your bargains!


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on Saturday, June 27 2009, 11:16am

I've been in more garage sales than I can count. My mom had sales twice a year in the 1960's and 1970's - before they were the popular thing to do. Then continued to have them until 2002. She was the expert as far as I was concerned. We have enough stories in our family to write a book of our own.

One time I was trying to sell a bedroom set (matching curtains, comforter, sheets and pillow shams) and had one price for the entire set. After not selling the set the first day, my mom advised me to price them separately, which I did. However, when you added the whole set up it was $5.00 more than what I had it priced to begin with. A lady came in first thing the next morning and bought the whole set!

Then there was the time that our neighbor (who had the sales with my mom) put a pair of her husbands shoes in the sale. When he got ready for work that morning, he could not find his favorite pair of shoes and came over to our garage, took the price off, and wore them to work.

There are many other very funny stories, but not enough space to tell them here.

If you haven't ever been involved in one, you should give it a try. They can be lots of fun indeed.