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It often happens that customers are told to go to the library to get a legal form of some kind. Unfortunately, we often have to tell them that we don't have preprinted forms that can be filled out and filed. Today's question concerned the "hardship license form," which is not exactly a form, and not officially called a "hardship license." The Indiana Code says that an "individual may file a verified petition for a restricted driving permit for the sole purpose of driving to and from work and in the course of employment during the period of the driving license suspension." The Code also outlines the information that the petition needs to include, but doesn't show a form for the petition.

The places we check for things like this include legal forms books (these are useful for some types of forms, but not others), our database of legal forms (under "Law and legal sources" here) (which has a sort of guidebook on the hardship license, but no filing information), forms on the Indiana Courts website, and websites like FindLaw referenced here

We also highly recommend the Indiana Justice Center, which we have used before for the many informational (and printable) PDFs on popular law topics. In their hardship license guide, there is no mention of a form. In fact, they say "Contact a private attorney or your local legal services provider if you want help in getting a hardship license...."

Could a person type up the petition himself, following the guidelines in the Code, and file it? As far as I know, that may well be possible. And the Library is happy to provide access to that section of the Code. But the answer to the question, "Do you have the hardship license form?" is, unfortunately, no.

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