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by SuDocQueen@evpl on Thursday, July 9 2009, 10:11am. Viewed 3,439 times.

Hello out there to everyone in EVPL blogland,


I have a dilemma that I could use your help with.  Every year I sit down to plan a workshop on useful government documents and websites (more websites than actual documents now-a-days) and every year I get overwhelmed with the glut of information I could offer… Do I focus on how to find useful health and nutrition information?  Or on how to find those interesting statistics you always hear quoted from the Census and Labor Departments?  Or what about consumer safety information?  Or how to navigate Social Security’s website?  Or how about following legislation?  The list can go on and on.  So, I’m opening the floor to all of you, the people that the government is trying to reach with all of this information.  What do you most want to know about?  What do you need help discovering?  Let me know how best to help you.

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lilseed wrote
on Thursday, July 9 2009, 4:02pm

I think with today's focus on nutrition and the increase in obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, I would like to see health and nutrition resources compiled into one place :)

PotionsMaster@evpl wrote
on Friday, July 10 2009, 8:22am

What I think would be interesting is what government programs are available now for first-time homebuyers and even what type of aid is available for regular homebuyers and home owners, and the requirements to qualify for the help.  

on Friday, July 10 2009, 8:53am

Thanks both, lilseed and PotionsMaster.  This gives me some ideas not just for a workshop but for blogs and print resources as well. :-)

on Friday, July 10 2009, 9:24am

I agree with PotionsMaster! But I'm biased, because I'm trying to buy a house.

I guess my final answer would be: ALL OF THE ABOVE!

gawell@evpl wrote
on Friday, July 10 2009, 10:22am

"What do you most want to know about?"

Full-time employment and health care.

If your not healthy nothing else CAN be focussed on....in a healthy way. The greatest wealth anyone may achieve is health, then the rest is the most delicious gravy (or fill in your own personnel treat) ever. If only one person becomes even a little bit healthier, your focus may bloosom to greater heights than ever before.

Only problem maybe is that documents and websites lack a personnel touch or connection that acts as a true catalyst,

they may act as a temporary motivator, best information may be about groups that can be joined, many are just lonely anyway and need attention, even if it only for a few laughs, that might apply to some groups and to some individuals.

jennwigg wrote
on Friday, July 10 2009, 10:49am

Who is your target audience?

gawell@evpl wrote
on Friday, July 10 2009, 2:33pm

" you, the people that the government is trying to reach."

or people who like to collect information.

In this Information Age, there are no shortages of being infoed at, what the world needs now is info with, the human touch, the huma league, teamwork, teamplay,

on Friday, July 10 2009, 3:47pm

professor.knowsitall@evpl, you've hit the nail on the head...all of the subjects are worthy and of interest.

on Friday, July 10 2009, 3:59pm

jennwigg, my target audience is everybody. <g>  But if that's too wide, I'd probably say it primarily consists of two factions...those who are familiar enough with government documents to know and miss all the paper materials the Government Printing Office used to print.  I'd like to be sure those people are acquainted with and can reasonably navigate the multitude of government agency websites.  And, those who had no clue as to the reams of government information available at the click of a mouse button.

on Friday, July 10 2009, 4:08pm

gawell,  An excellent point regarding the human side, and a big reason for my interest in offering a workshop.  I know how frustating navigating websites can be without a little help.