Is There a Web Site with Local Job Information? Indeed, There IS!

by Bufkinite@evpl on Saturday, August 1 2009, 5:47pm. Viewed 1,136 times. LogoSome of the most popular workshops being offered at the library recently have involved how to polish your resume, or sharpen you interview skills.  With the tight job market, even highly skilled and trained people are getting all of their job-hunting tools sharpened, and are ready to take the next step.  Now, where can they go to find information on local job opportunities?, the second largest employment web site in the world, has a website about Evansville area employment opportunities, which aggregates all the information they have about employers, companies, jobs, and employment resources in one easy-to-navigate interface.  The top section, "Popular Jobs and Salaries," provides a bar-graph style comparison of different jobs based on how much they pay, while lower sections list links to Evansville companies that are currently hiring, as well as links to pre-selected searches, such as production jobs, or clerical jobs.

Once you have performed a search for jobs, and have a list of jobs, you can limit it further in a number of ways.  You can limit it to within 5 miles of your location, by salary range, by company, or by any combination of these and many other criteria.

This site is listed on our Useful Websites web page, where a huge variety of resources, selected by librarians for accuracy, timeliness, and dependability, are sorted and classified for your convenience.  For instance. the web site is listed under both "Job Search" and "Employment Information and Services."

Check it out!

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