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by Bufkinite@evpl on Tuesday, September 1 2009, 9:20pm. Viewed 600 times.

iPhone displaying askevpl text messageDo you text?  

Are you one of those people who keeps in touch by text-messaging?

Now you can add the library's Reference Services department to the list of places you can text!  Asking questions has never been easier!  Hosted by Mosio, a leader in providing mobile information systems, this service allows you to text us questions, while maintaining complete confidentiality, since your mobile phone number will never be revealed to us.

Send your messages to 66746 (MOSIO)

Begin your question with the word "askevpl" (without the quotes, of course), and then just type your question!  See the graphic at left for an example.

During library hours, we will answer your question within 3 hours.

So now there are five different ways you can approach EVPL Reference Services with a question:

1. You can text us, as just described.
2. You can ask us in person, at the Information Desk of Central Library, or at the Reference Desk of any branch.
3. You can call us on the telephone at (812) 428-8218 during regular library hours.
4. You can email us using our online form.
5. You can instant message us using AOL, Yahoo, or Windows Live Messenger, or directly via Meebo on our AskEVPL page.

Whatever choice you make, Reference Services is here to answer your question, help you find the job resources you need, point your research in productive directions, and provide you with timely business information.
Now, what was your question?


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