Up-To-Date H1N1 and Flu Information Available Now!

by Bufkinite@evpl on Thursday, September 10 2009, 4:09pm. Viewed 878 times.

As public concern about pandemic H1N1 and the upcoming flu season continues to grow, the medical and nursing editors from both EBSCO Publishing and the Gale Group have responded by offering the latest scientifically verified flu-related information available for free.

These free flu information resources are available in the following ways:


  1. To access EBSCO's information, click here.
  2. To access Gale Group's information on the science and history of H1N1, click here.
  3. To access Gale Groups up-to-the-minute global news on H1N1, click here.


This free flu information will be continually updated, so please check both of these sites often, and feel free to share, post, and email a link to this blog post to your colleagues, family and friends.

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