World Vegetarian Day & Vegetarian Awareness Month

by Shh_ImReading@evpl on Thursday, October 1 2009, 11:06am. Viewed 1,233 times.

A friend just let me know that TODAY is World Vegetarian Day! It turns out the whole month of October is Vegetarian Awareness Month! Have you ever considered going vegetarian or vegan? Maybe you could try it out this month. Why not try something new? Look for vegetarian options at the Fall Festival next week, for example. Yes, there really are vegetarian options at the Fall Festival! EVPL has lots of books on making the change to vegetarianism and many, many vegetarian cookbooks. There is a whole world of meat-free options out there; it's not all tofu! Then again, don't be scared of tofu. Remember, you have to try it to know you don't like it.

Ready, set, GO VEGETARIAN! 


Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Tell us in the comments what resource(s) helped you make the transition, even it's just the title of your favorite cookbook!

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on Saturday, October 3 2009, 4:00pm

Check out the Vegetarian Librarian online some time for some (quirky) Veg recipes and dry humor.