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by googler@evpl on Monday, November 30 2009, 3:56pm. Viewed 1,095 times.

I kept hearing from my online friends about "Bing cashbacks," and had no idea what they were talking about, until I ran across this great article in the New York Times about online shopping rebates, including those offered by the Bing, the new Google-like search engine.

The article is an excellent rundown on using the rebate sites (Bing, FatWallet, Ebates) and (in some cases) your credit card's shopping site to take advantage of points programs and cash-back programs.  Some sites offer discussion forums, where members post the best deals they've found. And one site allows shoppers to direct a portion of their shopping dollars toward higher education costs.

"How much you actually save depends on how much you spend, what programs you use and how vigilantly you watch the sites for the best deals, some of which change daily. If you spend $682, the average expected holiday budget, and earn an average of 7 percent cash back, that's nearly $50. And if you book your airline tickets through one of these programs, or buy big-ticket items in the electronics department, the savings can add up to much more. Using these programs year-round - for shopping you were going to do anyway - is the best way to accumulate real savings."

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on Tuesday, December 1 2009, 9:32am

I'm a really big fan of shopping online especially for Christmas.  

Isn't there something about reporting the sales tax on your income tax return for items purchased online?  I'm not a math whiz so let's just call this a reference question.

on Tuesday, December 1 2009, 10:02am

I've used Bing Cashback many times!  I had an issue on one purchase, but Bing's customer service quickly corrected it.