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by googler@evpl on Friday, December 4 2009, 3:47pm. Viewed 2,757 times.

I've come across a whole bunch of links appropriate to the season.

The Federal Trade Commission has all the info you need about gift cards, with tips on what to ask when you buy them, and contacts for problems.

The Responsible Shopper wants to promote a responsible economy, and believes consumer education is a good way to do that. Their database allows you to "search hundreds of company profiles by name or by industry and quickly compare the corporate responsibility records of companies."

Don't let Santa come down a dirty or dangerous chimney. This site tells you how to make your fireplace and chimney safer by proper cleaning and maintenance.

Your Christmas cactus and poinsettias, and other common seasonal houseplants, all have differing needs for water, light, etc. Read this site to keep them happy so they'll keep your home festive.

Need some holiday trivia, fast facts, statistics? The US Census Bureau features the holiday season this month with facts and figures from its data collection.

DailyLit is a website that supplies free digital books via email or RSS, which might be a fun way to re-read A Christmas Carol. Subscribe using the box at the right of the screen.

Looking for fun family activities? This site has tons of Christmas craft ideas with great instructions, difficulty ratings, and age recommendations. (My favorite is a Santa made out of a potato chip tube that they probably would have called "Chris Pringle" if it weren't for the trademark.)

Last, prepare for New Year's Eve by reading the champagne primer. explains the varieties of sparkling wines, how to read labels, how to store, how to serve, and much more.

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on Tuesday, March 29 2011, 8:41am

Had a reader write in with another link: offers 1000's of free craft projects, home decor ideas and DIY tips. We add new projects and tips every day. Some of our reader's favorites include Ornament Crafts, Christmas Crafts for Kids, DIY Christmas Gifts and DIY Christmas Decorations.