Did you know February 14th was National Donor Day as well as Valentine's Day?

by SuDocQueen@evpl on Friday, February 12 2010, 3:24pm. Viewed 849 times.

You can learn more about it at http://organdonor.gov/.  The longer I thought about it, the more I vaguely remembered learning about the day long ago -- it struck me as apropo to celebrate giving the gift of life on the day famous for celebrating love -- but it was so long ago that I had essentially forgotten until I received an email about it from www.usa.gov.  And that's one of the things I love about usa.gov.  They offer email updates on over a hundred different subjects followed or supported by the US Government.  You can sign up to get emails, or in some cases RSS feeds, on subjects like climate and weather, child support or child care, elder care, government benefits/grants/financial aid, environmental resources...the list goes on and on.  My advice?  Go to the website click on 'receive updates by email,' follow the instructions on the next page (all you need is an active email address), and then scroll through the looong list of topics you can keep updated on.

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