How to check traffic problems before leaving for work

by googler@evpl on Wednesday, April 28 2010, 4:55pm. Viewed 1,311 times.

We've been following a good number of Evansville Twitter users, and it's been quite interesting. It's a real community out there. (To find the tweeters we've found, just check out the list of who we're following on our Twitter page, although there are a number of non-Evansville accounts in that list too.)

One of my favorites is, run by Bill Merkel. Bill monitors Evansville area dispatch agencies and other local sources and provides updates on breaking and developing events as they happen. One of their most useful functions is providing timely information about traffic problems. Check out their Twitter page during any rush hour and you'll see what I mean. Or go to Twitter's advanced search and simply put the word "traffic" in the first word box and "evansville" in the place box. That search will return Bill's traffic-related tweets and a few others too.

(Note that you don't have to be registered with Twitter to view, or to use the Twitter search.)

Evansville Watch also has a blog. The additional space a blog provides over Twitter means, for instance, their weather updates can include maps and lots of detail.

Thanks, Bill, for providing this service!



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