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I caught a brief snippet of a news show the other morning that mentioned a new government report on the state of women in America, but that's all I heard.  Being a woman, I was curious and went looking.  The report's name is Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being.  It was released by the White House and complied by the Economics and Statistics Administration of the Bureau of Commerce and the Office of Management and Budget.  Acccording to the White House's press release it is the first comprehensive look at women in America since the 1960s.  It was just released a couple of days ago and is so new I can't find it in physical form yet.  However, here's a direct link to the PDF if you'd like to read it.  Or you can find a link to it from the Economics and Statistics Administration website.  I've only had time to scan the contents page, but it looked interesting.

picture of red and white book coverThere are a couple other reports that people might be interested in checking out from the library.  If you haven't had your fill yet of the books on what led to our "Great Recession," you can take a look at the Final Report of the National Commission on the Causes of the Financial and Economic Crisis in the United States, title The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report.  We have both the 'official government edition' and the 'authorized edition.'  As far as I can tell the two editions are the same.  They're designated differently because we purchased the 'authorized edition' from a publisher and received the 'official government edition' through our Federal Depository status

Even though the book is over 500 pages, the 'authors' make clear that the information presented is only a small part of everything the Commission gathered.  Far more is accessible from


The last book I wanted to mention is another report on a recent crisis, Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and  the Future of Offshore Drilling.  The report isCover of book which shows oil rig on fire. in one volume and the recommendations in a secondary volume.  Similar to the Financial Crisis report, additional information is available from the commission's website  The look of the book is very appealing with it's glossy cover.  There are frequent charts and b&w pictures as well as color ones enlivening the text.  In skimming through it, I found the narrative to be pleasantly accessible and interesting.

Now, I better get back to writing on the blog I promised last week. Smile

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