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Facebook Scavenger Hunt: National Banned Books Week

National Banned Books Week is held each year during the last week in September. It celebrates our freedom to read and highlights the importance of the First Amendment as it concerns censorship. The American Library Association describes National Banned Books Week as our right to access information and express ideas, even if those ideas are considered controversial, unorthodox, or unpopular. Libraries all around the country annually celebrate National Banned Books Week in an effort to promote freedom of creativity. Help us celebrate National Banned Books Week at EVPL by participating in our Facebook Scavenger Hunt.

If you're interested in participating in the scavenger hunt, the rules are simple. The scavenger hunt is open to teens and adults. Through the week of September 26-30th, staff members from EVPL will be reading banned books at different locations throughout the city. There will be a different staff member at each location on a different day of the week. Starting Monday, tune in to our EVPL Facebook page and Teen Scene Facebook page to locate clues. The clues will begin posting between 3:00-4:00 PM each day. Based on these clues, teens and adults will be asked to find the staff member reading their banned book throughout Evansville. The first person to locate the staff member, identify the banned book he or she is reading, and remember the catch phrase from the clues, will receive a $10.00 Barnes and Noble gift card.  

Sound simple enough? If so, then participate in our first ever National Banned Books Week scavenger hunt. It will be fun and exciting and you may discover some of your favorite titles have been banned. If you can't find the time to participate, then support the right to express ideas openly and with understanding. Make sure books are available to read, challenge, change, and enjoy!

Note: Please check the EVPL Facebook pages daily for any updates or changes.

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