An opportunity to safely dispose of outdated or unused prescriptions

by SuDocQueen@evpl on Wednesday, October 26 2011, 3:16pm. Viewed 787 times.

I just learned that Saturday, October 29th, is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.  The DEA is working with state and local law enforcement agencies to offer drop off sites for unwanted and unneeded prescriptions.  The DEA has a drop off locator on their website for people who'd like to find a collection site.  Right now we've only got a couple in Evansville, -- the Armory and the State Police post off Hwy 41 -- but they say to keep checking because they're continually adding new sites.  I also noticed, when I searched using the library's zip code, that drop off sites in Henderson showed up as well.

This got me wondering about how to safely dispose of unneeded prescriptions the other 364 days a year.  According to the FDA website on the subject, apparently flushing down the toilet is still a number one way; although, only if the prescription bottle says you may dispose of it that way.  They go on to detail other ways to safely dispose of prescriptions, but since I don't generate cat litter or coffee grounds, it would be easier for me to just gather up any old prescriptions and drop them off Saturday. Smile

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