Venus and the Sun seen once in a lifetime.

by SuDocQueen@evpl on Saturday, June 2 2012, 4:51pm. Viewed 771 times.

I just learned that on Tuesday, 6/5, we'll have the opportunity to see a once in a lifetime celestial event.  Starting late Tuesday afternoon (our time) the planet Venus will slowly pass in front of the sun.  The picture of a very orange sun with a little black dot on it, making it look remarkably like an orange, caught my attention on  Their article led me to check out NASA's article on the event, which also clued me into the fact that they will be broadcasting the event online for those who can't get outside to see it.  They're not the only ones.  San Francisco's Exploratorium will show it live online, as well as

Before you get a bright idea, like me, and think you can just walk out in your backyard Tuesday evening and view the event, read the articles from NASA and The Weather Channel.  Trying to see the transit with the naked eye is too damaging to our eyes.  So, either buy the glasses or lenses for your telescope they suggest, or visit the Evansville Museum on Tuesday.  The museum is hosting a Venus Transit event with help from our local Astronomical Society.

To while away your time until Tuesday, stop by the library where you can brush up on your knowledge of Venus and astronomy in general.

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