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  • "Fugitive Denim": Casual Day from a Global Perspective

    A world-renowned fashion designer starts out to make a "green" line of denim wear, using organic cotton, paying living wages to the growers, cutters, and seamstresses who all have a hand in bringing the product to market. Can it be done? To answer that question author Rachel Louise Snyder travels...
    Posted to Books Blog by Bufkinite@evpl on 09-06-2008
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  • woodrat

    Woodrat Jill by Nicky Laak Keep an eye open for this one. The author, (a Keys resident of 16 years originally from Sussex England) feels it's very important to protect endangered species - especially the Key Largo woodrat which has been maligned in the past. She wants to share this with childr en...
    Posted to Kids Blog by bookmarkbeck@evpl on 09-04-2008
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  • So good, you may want to Cry Wolf again

    Here is a post from Seeker@evpl, whose posts can be found on the EVPL Research blog : Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs "Becoming a werewolf brought nothing but problems to Anna every since she'd survived the vicious attack that turned her. Now, she couldn't decide if meeting Charles, a strong...
    Posted to Books Blog by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on 09-03-2008
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  • A World without Superman?

    If you have ever worn a cape or attempted to fly, as I have, you will want to check out Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman . Superman seems to have always existed, but he was created in 1934 by writer Jerry Siegel and illustrator Joe Shuster, who were barely out of high school at the time. Superman...
    Posted to Kids Blog by mrsweasley@evpl on 08-30-2008
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  • Lost and Found

    Andrew Clements has another winner in his signature series of school stories with Lost and Found . Jay Grayson had only average expectations for his new school when he arrived on the first day. But when Jay's name-and only Jay's name-was called during roll call, he conveniently forgot that he...
    Posted to Kids Blog by mrsweasley@evpl on 08-29-2008
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  • Who is Pura Belpre and why is she important?

    I've just finished reading The Storyteller's Candle/La velita de los cuentos by Lucia Gonzalez (with illustrations by Lulu Delacre). Most likely few people outside the library world know about Pura Belpre, the first Puerto Rican librarian hired by the New York Public Library system. Her contributions...
    Posted to Kids Blog by EZReader@evpl on 08-28-2008
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  • dr. jean

    Dr. Jean songs and books will be featured at the NBL storytimes next week. Dr. Jean has 35 years experience in education and as a consultant. She holds a PH.D. from Georgia State University. Twelve of her popular songs have been"hand selected and transformed into delightful readers." I know...
    Posted to Kids Blog by bookmarkbeck@evpl on 08-28-2008
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  • "The Book of Kells" by Bernard Meehan

    The Book of Kells is a lavishly illustrated manuscript book created as a Alter Book sometime between 800 and 900 AD at a monastery in the town of Kells, in Ireland. It is the most lavishly decorated of a series of gospel manuscripts produced between the seventh and ninth centuries, when Irish art and...
    Posted to Books Blog by Bufkinite@evpl on 08-28-2008
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  • I Stink

    This is the some garbage truck! Kate and Jim McMullan have written three great picture books about various vehicles. I Stink ! is the first one I read. They're all great! Look also for I'm Dirty! and I'm Mighty!
    Posted to Kids Blog by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on 08-27-2008
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  • Read it...before you see it!

    The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (#1107/1008 August 22/29, 2008) is on the shelf; it's a special double issue previewing the fall movie releases. Inside are some excellent books that have been adapted to film. Looking for something to read? Read or re-read the book (short story) before the...
    Posted to Teens Blog by TeenLibrarian@evpl on 08-22-2008
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  • Paint the Wind

    I just finished reading this book for our Young Hoosier Intermediate Committee. Loved this book! Give this great horse story to upper elementary/middle schoolers. It has plenty of action and adventure with a little sadness and humor thrown in, too. Plus it has a gutsy young lady as the main character...
    Posted to Kids Blog by EZReader@evpl on 08-21-2008
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  • Granny will fix it!

    Guess what? You are spending the night at Granny's house and you get to sleep in the big bed all by yourself. Are you going to be scared?? Of course not.... what's that noise ? Can someone sleep with me? How about some of the farm animals? Did you hear that? GRANNY!!! What a funny story to read...
    Posted to Kids Blog by HipChick@evpl on 08-13-2008
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  • Things Fall Apart

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of Chinua Achebe's, Things Fall Apart - an account of European colonialism in Nigeria written from an African perspective. Orignally published in 1958, it was Chinua's first novel, an all-time African fiction bestseller and the most translated literary work...
    Posted to Teens Blog by TeenLibrarian@evpl on 08-12-2008
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  • Don't Worry

    The world is a scary place! So Scaredy Squirrel stays put in his tree. Perfectly content with his daily routine. he eats a nut, checks out the view, eats a nut, checks out the view, eats a nut.... until something unexpected happens and he has to leave. Does anything awful happen? You will have to check...
    Posted to Kids Blog by HipChick@evpl on 08-11-2008
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  • I Spy New Easy Readers

    If you like the Walter Wick/Jean Marzollo I Spy books, you'll be happy to learn that there are now easy reader editions available. Like the earlier books in the I Spy family, the easy readers are themed, with titles like I Spy a Pumpkin and I Spy a School Bus. The illustrations are cropped versions...
    Posted to Kids Blog by mrsweasley@evpl on 08-10-2008
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