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  • Gardening

    This spring and summer, I've been working on making my yard a nice place to spend time. I grew up spending time in the yard at home or at my grandparents' house and I learned a lot from watching my mom and my grandparents take care of their yards. Now I'm checking out a lot of library books...
    Posted to Kids Blog by Shh_ImReading@evpl on 06-12-2009
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  • Ghosts of the Past (and Present)

    Have you ever been haunted by a book? I was haunted by a book I couldn’t remember. My mother told me that when I was about three years old, I had a favorite book, one I checked out over and over again. I had absolutely no recollection of that book, and I wondered—what kind of book captured...
    Posted to Kids Blog by mrsweasley@evpl on 02-13-2009
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  • What's the Point?

    Mel's life was well-rounded until he tripped one day and fell into another dimension where everything is pointy. No one believes his stories of a pointy world, but he won't give up his tale. What's the point of this picture book by the always quirky team of Yorinks & Egielski? Is it a...
    Posted to Kids Blog by mrsweasley@evpl on 11-13-2008
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  • Adele and Simon

    Kids and Moms will enjoy the interaction while reading the Adele and Simon books by Barbara Mclintock. They are definitely for readers who like to study pages and find the hidden objects. Reading these books will be fun and entertaining-not to mention informative, educational, and charming. A little...
    Posted to Kids Blog by bookmarkbeck@evpl on 10-10-2008
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  • A "heifer" is not always a cow...

    Homeschool moms, teachers, and librarians interested in teaching children a lesson in compassion will appreciate these gems. The fact that these books are based on TRUE happenings will impact children's thoughts and feelings. Beatrice's Goat by Page Mc Brier- A little girl in Uganda receives...
    Posted to Kids Blog by bookmarkbeck@evpl on 09-23-2008
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  • A World without Superman?

    If you have ever worn a cape or attempted to fly, as I have, you will want to check out Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman . Superman seems to have always existed, but he was created in 1934 by writer Jerry Siegel and illustrator Joe Shuster, who were barely out of high school at the time. Superman...
    Posted to Kids Blog by mrsweasley@evpl on 08-30-2008
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  • dr. jean

    Dr. Jean songs and books will be featured at the NBL storytimes next week. Dr. Jean has 35 years experience in education and as a consultant. She holds a PH.D. from Georgia State University. Twelve of her popular songs have been"hand selected and transformed into delightful readers." I know...
    Posted to Kids Blog by bookmarkbeck@evpl on 08-28-2008
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  • I Stink

    This is the some garbage truck! Kate and Jim McMullan have written three great picture books about various vehicles. I Stink ! is the first one I read. They're all great! Look also for I'm Dirty! and I'm Mighty!
    Posted to Kids Blog by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on 08-27-2008
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  • Granny will fix it!

    Guess what? You are spending the night at Granny's house and you get to sleep in the big bed all by yourself. Are you going to be scared?? Of course not.... what's that noise ? Can someone sleep with me? How about some of the farm animals? Did you hear that? GRANNY!!! What a funny story to read...
    Posted to Kids Blog by HipChick@evpl on 08-13-2008
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  • Don't Worry

    The world is a scary place! So Scaredy Squirrel stays put in his tree. Perfectly content with his daily routine. he eats a nut, checks out the view, eats a nut, checks out the view, eats a nut.... until something unexpected happens and he has to leave. Does anything awful happen? You will have to check...
    Posted to Kids Blog by HipChick@evpl on 08-11-2008
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