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 book jacket for My Most Excellent Year

I am a curious person.  Especially about other people. To be honest, the best word is probably NOSY.  I hope this is news to you.  I work very hard to keep my curiosity (nosiness) reined in tightly enough that unless you know me very well you might not suspect. (I hope.)  I think that NOSINESS is why I love books that are made up of letters, emails, diary entries - they let my, ahem, curiosity run wild. And it's OK! I don't have to feel guilty, or firmly turn away and distract myself with something it is okay for me to see.

The latest book I've found that feeds this disreputable part of me is by Steve Kluger. He likes to write books where the story unfolds in letters, blogs, emails, etc. The newest is called My Most Excellent Year (a novel of love, Mary Poppins, & Fenway Park). The frame of the book is an English assignment given to 3 Juniors, in which they each recap the development and changes in their friendships over the past several years. Through their text messages, their blogs, their emails, we see them fall in love, discover things about themselves and their parents, and figure out what they want after high school. Augie, TC, and Ale became people I would want to meet as I got to know them in this book.  And, in fact, Mary Poppins does make a cameo appearance...


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