Xbox 360 or PS3?

by TeenLibrarian@evpl on Monday, September 8 2008, 10:03am. Viewed 1,376 times.

Xbox 360 and PS3The library Teen Zone needs your help. It has been suggested by many our teens who frequent Gaming Power Hour (x2) that we purchase a new console. Xbox 360 was suggested for its price and available games i.e. more T-rated games.

While speaking with one of Mr. Hendrix's freshman classes at Harrison High, I got a different opinion. An overwhelming majority suggested we purchase a PS3. The Xbox 360 supporters were outnumbered almost 3:1, but they persevered under the assault of accusations of poor quality and inferior graphics. "You're wasting the library's money if you buy a 360," one student shouted, "It's going to break and be unavailable most of the time." And, this comment almost ended the argument. We settled everyone down and a student eloquently started, "The best game system for the library is the PS3 because it has better quality and can stand up to the rigorous play of teens. The PS3 also has better games." The room exploded! 

I realized I wasn't going to solve the console war there, so I told them let's settle it here on our new blog page. They asked one final question, "What console was I going to get?" I told them, I came into the class (not expecting this at all) pretty much sold on getting the Xbox 360, but their arguments persuaded me to consider the PS3.

Despite the suggestive image of the PS3 hovering over the 360 almost victorious, my position is neutral. So, what console do you think the Teen Zone should add, Xbox 360 or PS3?


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on Tuesday, September 9 2008, 2:45pm

XBOX is cheaper.  PS3 is more advanced.  As far as the former being more "fragile" you can buy two for the price you'd pay for the PS3.  However, the PS3 is more graphically advanced and may not become obsolete as fast.  Bottom line, games, price, online presence all point to the XBOX 360.

P.S. Hot Topic has a 20 GB XBOX 260 on sale now (Special Halo Edition) which is what you would pay for the regular Arcade Version (without hard drive)

Wistful_Dreamer wrote
on Tuesday, September 9 2008, 4:07pm

You'll never get a total consensus, so I guess a majority is all you can hope for.

Personally, I prefer the PS3.  I've seen the graphics on both systems and the PS3 is by far the better of the two.  While the 360 is cheaper it also has a lot of problems with overheating and breaking.  The PS3 is much more reliable and would stand up to rigorous play.  The 360 does have cheaper games, and a wider variety of games, but a lot of the big name games are on both systems anyway.  

Bottom line:  If you're looking to save money, get teh 360.  If money isn't a problem, go with the PS3.

on Tuesday, September 16 2008, 8:11am

I have both systems, so I feel pretty confident in saying that the 360 is the better system at this point in time.  The game library is full of exclusive titles and the online setup is much more robust.  Unfortunately, the system has been plagued by what is known in the gaming world as the "red rings of death", in which the console experiences complete failure.  The only remedy is to have the faulty 360 sent back to Microsoft to be repaired.  Turnaround time is about a week or two.  To their credit, Microsoft has included an excellent warranty that backs up the console.  The PS3 has had no technical issues to this point, and is technologically superior to the 360, but only by the smallest degrees...numerous game developers have been quoted as saying they would rather make games for the 360, including Valve's Gabe Newell.  I don't think it can be said that one system is graphically superior to the fact, the monthly gaming publication EGM did a side by side comparison of several games from both systems, and awarded the "better graphics" medal to the 360.  Both systems are great and you can't really lose by going with either of the end though, I think the advantages the 360 maintains give it the edge.

on Thursday, September 18 2008, 10:30am

@TeenLibrarian: Gamers can be a pretty passionately-opinionated group, as you found out in your visit to Harrison!!

I've been a die-hard Sony supporter during the PS1 & PS2 eras.  However, I now own both an Xbox 360 and a PS3, and like AvidGamer agree that the 360 is definitely the superior system.

I bought my 360 about a year after they'd been on the market.  After a year of use, it experienced the dreaded RROD; I had to send it to MS, and within a couple weeks had another console.  It is a fact that early systems had a high failure rate, but internal revisions (smaller CPUs/GPUs, better heatsinks, etc.) have fixed these issues.  Any systems currently on store shelves are these newer units, so these units failing should not be a concern.

On paper, the PS3's specs trounce the 360's.  BUT, there has not yet been a game exclusively on the PS3 that could not have been done on the 360.  Supposedly Metal Gear Solid 4 is too large to fit on a DVD, requiring the extra space Blu-ray allows for, but after playing thru the entire game I can say it's not so "technologically advanced" that it couldn't be done on 360.  Also, most of the games that teens play at the library (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc) are not graphically-intensive games that require beefy hardware.

The main question here is which system has the kinds of local-multiplayer, content-appropriate games for the teens to play during our gaming events?  The 360 wins by a landslide.

So my recommendation is the 360.  I'd recommend getting one with a hard drive...the 20GB units are currently being closed-out to make room for the new 60GB ones, so they can be found cheap.

Teens: This is for your gaming program, so WHAT DO YOU SAY???