Two pieces of news from Stephenie Meyer about the Twilight series:

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1/  Twilight (movie) release 3 weeks earlier than planned.

When Warner Brothers decided (on their own) to postpone the new Harry Potter movie, that decision  left an opening in the Fall schedule, so the Twilight movie starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella will now be in theaters November 21, 2008.

Official movie website


2/  Midnight Sun indefinitely postponed.

Book 5, Midnight Sun, which is Edward's version of the events in Twilight, has been indefinitely postponed after a portion of an early draft of the novel was released on the Internet by someone the author had trusted.

Go to the site below to read Meyer's explanation, and find her link to the leaked material.

Midnight Sun


Check out Stephenie Meyer's website for lots of extras from the books, including:

  • scenes that didn't make it into the final versions,
  • playlists of the music she associates with each book,
  • pictures of the cars and motorcycles the various characters drive/ride,
  • links to fansites and places to buy shirts and jewelry,
  • the book covers she designed and used when the books were works in progress, and
  • lots of other great stuff!

Stephenie Meyer's books are available at EVPL in print, on CD, as downloadable audiobooks, and as e-books.

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kiya@evpl wrote
on Friday, September 12 2008, 11:17am

I'm still reading the series for the first time - just finished New Moon. I'm still a little unsure about whether I want to see the movie. Or whether I'll read the leaked part of the 5th book when I finish Breaking Dawn.  What about you?

on Friday, September 12 2008, 12:28pm

Wow -- what a spiffy post!  And it looks really cool against the black background!

on Tuesday, September 16 2008, 5:44pm

Hey, Kiya...keep reading.  Eclipse is my favorite.  I've gone all the way through the set twice...and I never do that.  I really, really got caught up in it.  Someone I talked to yesterday said her kid has DTS...Disfunctional Twilight Syndrome.  It does get into your blood!