Twilight Series not part of my Highlights

by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Thursday, January 15 2009, 10:03am. Viewed 1,225 times.

I have to say up front I listened to these books on audiobook, so no skipping the repetition.  I wanted to like this book for being a huge success for the publishing world and furthering the public's interest in such fantastical goings on, but couldn't get past the juvenile nature of our protagonist Bella.  I gotta say it is a Twilightgood thing Edward can't read her mind, because he may be bored by her unoriginal shallowness.  Aside from the fact this young lady can easily accustom herself to mythical realities, she isn't a very bright character.  Let's keep it real, it took her half of book one to even come to the realization that the love of her life is a vampire, even after he stops a truck with his bare hands, never comes out on sunny days, has hypnotic eyes, has a clan of "siblings" that are extraordinarily beautiful, and can read other people's minds.  In fact, it took the other man in her life, werewolf Jake, to tell her what they are before she even realizes it.  Is there anyone in the United States who has never seen a vampire movie or read an occult book?  As soon as someone stops a truck barehanded, I know something is afoot.  When I find out the local hotties are Nosferatu, you better believe I'm gonna believe in every fairytale I've ever heard.  The naive nature of Bella does not jive with what I believe would be nearly everyone on Earth's response to nightmares walking into their life.  But I guess that is why the story is about her.Eclipse


The entertaining aspects of this series are the new legends Meyer creates through the frame of this strange romance.  Indian werewolves, the vampire equivalent of the Cosa Nostra and vampire wars in Mexico are all just side notes to a 100-year-old man (albeit a vampire) making the moves on an 18 year-old.  Where's Nabokov when you need him?  Keepin it real, there are a few well-crafted characters who are interesting enough to warrant continuing with this series.  Still keepin it real, I'd be very surprised if Stephenie Meyer had the skill to create another world that could pull as many readers as this one has, if not for her new-found fame.  I haven't seen the movie, but I have to wonder how entertaining it could have been.  With near-to-nil action and gloomy scenery, a truely forbidden (by the law) romance is all we're left with.  How long can chaste kisses keep the attention ofthe 21st Century set?  Is Chivalry cool again?


Bottom line, this could have been way better.  Interesting tidbits aside, this is a creepy May/December whose only horror lies in the amount of rehashing of everyone's feelings.

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on Thursday, January 15 2009, 10:33am

I listened to about 15-20 minutes of the first book and couldn't even make it any further.  I realized very quickly that I didn't really care about any of the characters and didn't even care if they lived or died.  I figured that was a pretty bad sign.  

on Thursday, January 15 2009, 10:47am

Well, half of them are dead anyway, so...

on Thursday, January 15 2009, 2:31pm

This blog post may incite an angry mob.

on Thursday, January 15 2009, 3:35pm

Meh. The more I hear about these books, the less I'm interested. I tried to read Twiligt a few years ago, before any sequels and the big cult following and somehow didn't get into it. Later, I thought maybe I should give it another try, but nah, I think I'll pass.

on Friday, January 16 2009, 9:09am

E'Ville can handle the mob Mwha ha ha!!!!

on Monday, February 16 2009, 11:44am

I liked the books, but actually read them.  Maybe listening to the audiobook is not the same.  It is a young adult book after all, so would not appeal to the older set, of which I belong.  If you ever want to give Twilight another it.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Sometimes one can enjoy a book without having to think so much about it.  

on Tuesday, March 10 2009, 5:05pm

I read 'Twilight' and I really didn't care for it.  However, I can see the appeal it has for teens.  I think adults might prefer the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.  Teens probably would, too - I just think 'Twilight' has more of a romance thing going for it...which doesn't appeal to me.