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I went looking for some lighter, romantic comedy sorts of books this week - here's what I found:

cover of It's a Mall WorldIt's A Mall World After All by Janette Rallison

Charlotte is working at the mall when she sees her best friend's boyfriend with another girl. She tells her friend, only to later be accused of trying to break up the couple.  And it is true she pretty much despises the guy. There are plenty of laughs as Charlotte tries to sort out how to be a good friend in an impossible situation.


Learning to Swim by Cheryl Klamcover of Learning to Swim

Steffie's mom has a bad habit of falling for the wrong (married) guy, getting her heart broken, and moving herself and Steffie to a new place to start over.  No wonder Steffie is a bit leery of falling in love. Now she's working for the summer as a maid at the Country Club, and trying to pretend she doesn't have a crush on Keith...


cover of Forever PrincessForever Princess by Meg Cabot

The last in the Princess Mia series, we follow Mia through the last of her senior year.  She's coping with her senior project, choosing a college, her father's upcoming election, her new boyfriend, and the return of her old boyfriend.  As always, Mia will keep you smiling!


Fame, Glory and other things on my to do list by Janette Rallisoncover of Fame Glory and other things...

This story starts out with Jessica nearly getting carjacked after her shift at WalMart, and then realizing that the guy is trying to get her out of the car because it's his car - her silver Honda is a few spaces over. [It sounds absurd, but when I was in high school, there were two of us who worked at the library who got picked up by men (my father, her husband) in little red Vegas, and more than once I climbed in the wrong car.] Jessica is a junior, and dreams of being an actress. Right now that means a small part in the school production of West Side Story, which the director wants to do without any violence.  There are lots of giggles in this book, as in every book by Rallison I've read.


cover of When You WishWhen You Wish by Kristin Harmel

Star's story is a little more serious, though still with plenty of amusing parts. Star (born Amanda) is the hottest pop star around at the age of sixteen. She's really frustrated though, at how little say she has in her own life.  After getting really angry with her mom, Star runs away to find the father who left when she was three. She enjoys a chance to be "normal" even when it involves learning to be a waitress.




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