Fake Boyfriend

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jacket for Fake Boyfriend

What is the right thing to do when your best friend is hung up on a jerk who keeps breaking her heart over and over again?

Lane and Vivi decide they need to protect Isabelle from her own tender heart, and hatch a plot to prove to her that there are other wonderful guys out there in the world. Unfortunately, the plot includes making up a guy on MySpace to chat with her. Of course it doesn't take long before things escalate, and more conspirators are brought in, and the plot gets wilder and more impossible. Kate Brian, who writes creepy YA fiction for the series Private and Privilege, also does humor well. Pick up Fake Boyfriend, and give yourself a laugh or two. Be prepared to be a little exasperated, as well.  My daughter kept saying, "If everyone would only tell the truth, it would all be okay."

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