Hate List by Jennifer Brown

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Hate ListJunior year is drawing to a close when Valerie's boyfriend, Nick, comes to school one morning and begins to shoot people in the Commons.  At the end of the shooting spree, six people are dead and many are wounded, including Valerie.  Within hours the police have searched Nick and Valerie's homes and discovered a "Hate List" the two created.  Many of the students targeted that morning were on this list.  Valerie becomes a suspect in the investigation.  Was she part of Nick's plan?  Was it a double suicide that went wrong?  Was Valerie really shot trying to stop Nick?  All of these are questions the students, teachers, parents, community, and the nation are asking.

For Valerie, the list was a way to vent her frustrations with the bullying she endured day after day at school.  She never meant anything by it, but she will be haunted by the list and by what Nick did that morning for the rest of her life.  After being cleared by the police, Valerie spent summer vacation isolated from the outside world.  Now that a new school year has begun, Valerie is going back to school to face her demons.  HIGHLY recommended. 

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