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by kiya@evpl on Sunday, March 11 2012, 3:14pm. Viewed 1,097 times.

How do you hear about new books to read? Friends' suggestions? YouTube book trailers? Recommendations from Amazon? Best seller lists? Just browsing at the bookstore? Authors' blogs? [Here's a link to one of my favorite author blogs.] Asking your librarian? NoveList Plus from the EVPL databases and catalog?

I found a new place the other day to look for a new book:

Flamingnet is a website started by a teen reviewing Young Adult books for other teens. It now has thousands of reviews by reviewers across the US. You can browse the latest reviews, or search for specific authors or titles.

Several of my friends use Good Reads as a place to share and discuss books.  Similar sites are Library Thing and Shelfari.

One of the blogs I found is Teen Fiction Café, which is written by 12 authors of Teen Fiction, all talking about the books they love to read. Below are some of the books the library has with suggestions for reading.

book jacket  Book Crush  best books for teens  ultimate teen book guide

Let me know what you like to read, and how you find those books, or if you have one to recommend.

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