He Says, She Says -- Getting Both Sides of the Story

by kiya@evpl on Saturday, March 31 2012, 9:46am. Viewed 858 times.

It's intriguing to hear both sides of a story - especially if you aren't personally involved, or stuck in the middle.

I like books which cover the same events from two or more perspectives. There are a lot of books coming out now which show multiple viewpoints, and the ones I've found have been enjoyable:

jacket Notes from the Blender  jacket Will Grayson  jacket Girl Meets Boy

                     jacket Jenna and Jonah      jacket of Boy Girl Boy 

    Sometimes the author will use two (or more) books to show the different sides of a story.  

jacket misfits  jacket Totally Joe  jacket Addie on the inside

Stephanie Meyer had intended a fifth book in the Twilight series:  Midnight Sun, which told the story of the first book again, but from Edward's point of view, rather than Bella's.  When someone leaked the first part of the manuscript as she was writing it, Meyer stopped work on the project, and posted the work-in-progress on her website. As far as I know, she has no plans to go back and finish it.

If you have other titles to suggest that show two or more viewpoints, I'd like to hear them.  Movies, too - I can only think of one right now.

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