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  • What do the dead think?

    by bookchick@evpl on Wednesday, September 3 2008, 3:57pm
    "It is very dark when I wake." This is the first line in Newes from the Dead by Mary Hooper based on a true account of a girl in 1650 who was hanged, declared dead, and miraculously was discovered to be alive while on the disection table! While...
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  • Teens and the Library Video Contest

    by TeenLibrarian@evpl on Wednesday, September 3 2008, 3:23pm
    Library Ninjas is a script written, directed and filmed by Brett, starring John and Derrek. The work isn't complete, simply an example video in the group you will submit your videos for the video contest - Teens and the Library. Create your video...
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  • Reading Other People's E-mail

    by kiya@evpl on Thursday, August 28 2008, 7:16pm
    I am a curious person. Especially about other people. To be honest, the best word is probably NOSY. I hope this is news to you. I work very hard to keep my curiosity (nosiness) reined in tightly enough that unless you know me very well you might not suspect...
  • Read it...before you see it!

    by TeenLibrarian@evpl on Friday, August 22 2008, 9:30am
    The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (#1107/1008 August 22/29, 2008) is on the shelf; it's a special double issue previewing the fall movie releases. Inside are some excellent books that have been adapted to film. Looking for something to read...
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  • Things Fall Apart

    by TeenLibrarian@evpl on Tuesday, August 12 2008, 2:43pm
    This year marks the 50th anniversary of Chinua Achebe's, Things Fall Apart - an account of European colonialism in Nigeria written from an African perspective. Orignally published in 1958, it was Chinua's first novel, an all-time African fiction...
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  • The death of the Cassette

    by TeenLibrarian@evpl on Wednesday, August 6 2008, 3:00pm
    I am old enough to remember riding in my family's Electra 225 ("duece and a quarter") with a small cropped afro, sliding across the vinyl on every turn, listening to the Commodores, on our in-dash 8 track player. You think CDs are difficult...
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  • How Ya Like Me Now

    by kiya@evpl on Monday, July 21 2008, 4:54pm
    I've always enjoyed the adult books that Brendan Halpin writes, so I was excited to see a new novel for Young Adults from him. How Ya Like Me Now pulls the reader in pretty quickly, as we meet Eddie just as his life is changing yet again. First his...
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