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  • maximum ride series

    by T-ref@evpl on Friday, September 12 2008, 11:35am
    My 14 year old son is a reluctant reader and I just had to announce that he devoured the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson . I have since gone on the Internet to find read-alikes and thought I would include a link to a site that I found. You could...
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  • Fake Boyfriend

    by kiya@evpl on Wednesday, September 16 2009, 9:51am
    What is the right thing to do when your best friend is hung up on a jerk who keeps breaking her heart over and over again? Lane and Vivi decide they need to protect Isabelle from her own tender heart, and hatch a plot to prove to her that there are other...
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  • New Moon?!? I think I prefer the Old Moon...

    by E-Ville Librarian@evpl on Monday, March 29 2010, 8:52am
    New Moon fans answer me one question. Did you all honestly think the first two movies were good? Between mediocre green screen acting and the general lack of anything going on, I found myself thoroughly bored. I'll keep it real, I read the books and...
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  • Fall Gaming: A Place to Kinect

    by smackdaisley@evpl on Saturday, October 1 2011, 5:45pm
    Our fall edition of weekend gaming kicks off this Saturday! If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like in a video game, now is the time to join us. New this fall we’ll have Xbox 360 Kinect, the motion sensing game system. No controller...
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  • What do the dead think?

    by bookchick@evpl on Wednesday, September 3 2008, 3:57pm
    "It is very dark when I wake." This is the first line in Newes from the Dead by Mary Hooper based on a true account of a girl in 1650 who was hanged, declared dead, and miraculously was discovered to be alive while on the disection table! While...
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  • Laser Light Photography for Teens

    by smackdaisley@evpl on Thursday, August 4 2011, 12:22pm
    Laser Light Photography for Teens In 1949, LIFE photographer Gjon Mili visited the artist Pablo Picasso in the south of France. He showed Picasso some images of ice skaters with lights fixed to their skates. The skaters were photographed in a darkened...
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  • Reading Other People's E-mail

    by kiya@evpl on Thursday, August 28 2008, 7:16pm
    I am a curious person. Especially about other people. To be honest, the best word is probably NOSY. I hope this is news to you. I work very hard to keep my curiosity (nosiness) reined in tightly enough that unless you know me very well you might not suspect...
  • But what happens AFTER happily ever after?

    by kiya@evpl on Wednesday, March 10 2010, 10:42am
    Jordan Sonnenblick's new book, After Ever After , explores that question. Jeffrey is in 8 th grade, and doing pretty well, considering that he is a survivor of childhood leukemia. Even though he's glad to be alive, his life now has some added...
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  • How Ya Like Me Now

    by kiya@evpl on Monday, July 21 2008, 4:54pm
    I've always enjoyed the adult books that Brendan Halpin writes, so I was excited to see a new novel for Young Adults from him. How Ya Like Me Now pulls the reader in pretty quickly, as we meet Eddie just as his life is changing yet again. First his...
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  • It's a Disaster!

    by kiya@evpl on Thursday, April 8 2010, 10:57am
    Susan Beth Pfeffer wasn't getting any writing done. The author of many books for children and teens just couldn't think of anything interesting to write. And then one afternoon she watched an old movie on cable. Meteor , with Sean Connery and...
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  • Stephanie Meyer Isn't the Only One

    by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on Wednesday, November 19 2008, 3:55pm
    If you liked reading about Bella and Edward in the Twilight series, take a look at Impossible by Nancy Werlin. There are no vampires or werewolves, but there is one threatening fantasy character who lurks throughout. He seems so sympathetic and definitely...
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  • Reading everything I can find by...

    by kiya@evpl on Monday, February 8 2010, 6:38pm
    S. L. Rottman! A book review caught my interest a few weeks ago, and I found that EVPL did own the book, and it was on the shelf! I checked it out, took it home, and really enjoyed Out of the Blue , the latest from S. L. Rottman. The story opens with...
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  • He Says, She Says -- Getting Both Sides of the Story

    by kiya@evpl on Saturday, March 31 2012, 9:46am
    It's intriguing to hear both sides of a story - especially if you aren't personally involved, or stuck in the middle. I like books which cover the same events from two or more perspectives. There are a lot of books coming out now which show multiple...
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  • Teen Read Week Challenge

    by smackdaisley@evpl on Saturday, October 15 2011, 9:41am
    TEEN READ WEEK Teen Read Week is an initiative started in 1998 by the Young Adult Library Services Association. Libraries annually celebrate Teen Read Week in an effort to reach young adult audiences. Events, contests, and programs are aimed at teens...
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  • Things Fall Apart

    by TeenLibrarian@evpl on Tuesday, August 12 2008, 2:43pm
    This year marks the 50th anniversary of Chinua Achebe's, Things Fall Apart - an account of European colonialism in Nigeria written from an African perspective. Orignally published in 1958, it was Chinua's first novel, an all-time African fiction...
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