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Finding your first job or your next job this summer may be a challenge, especially in this economy. To be successful, you must skillfully represent yourself. 

On Tuesday, April 14 at 6:00pm, Central Library Browning Events Room there will be a program called Finding Your First Job. Two human resources professionals - Michelle Land Harris and Gene Wisheit will share over 40 years of combined knowledge about finding, getting, and being successful on the job. They will also share some good information about applications, resumes, interviews, how to dress. Want to learn and polish those soft or transferable skills needed to be successful in life? Don't miss this program. 

Take this opportunity to learn what it takes to be successful in today's job market and how to use your first job as a stepping stone toward your dream job.


Finding Your First Job for teens ages 12-18

Tuesday, April 14

Central Library Browning Events Room


For more information please contact Charles Sutton 428-8217


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<![CDATA[Things Fall Apart]]> http://evpl.org/community/blogs/teens/archive/2008/08/12/things-fall-apart.aspx Tue, 12 Aug 2008 14:43:00 G8T 212 TeenLibrarian@evpl Posted to the <a href="http://evpl.org/community/blogs/teens/" target="_blank">Teens Blog</a> on EVPL Communities. View the original post at http://evpl.org/community/blogs/teens/archive/2008/08/12/things-fall-apart.aspx to post your comments!

Cover: Things Fall Apart by Chinua AchebeThis year marks the 50th anniversary of Chinua Achebe's, Things Fall Apart -  an account of European colonialism in Nigeria written from an African perspective. Orignally published in 1958, it was Chinua's first novel, an all-time African fiction bestseller and the most translated literary work by any African witer. I highly recommend this book.

I listened to Things Fall Apart several years ago. I literally felt like a kid at storytime. Not only was the story captivating, the reader did an excellent job accentuating and articulating the emotion, mood, and feeling of the story. I hated arriving at my destination and would often steal a few extra minutes, car door open, with one foot dangling in the street trying to find a good place to stop the story. One good thing was, it didn't take me long to finish the six hour and thirty minute recording commuting in San Fransico Bay Area traffic.

When I heard of the anniversary, I immediately wanted to read the book this time for a different experience with the text. Reflecting on my experience with the audiobook has also made me want to listen to other books read by Peter Francis James. Can he deliver another dynamic performance? I shall set out on my quest to accomplish these two tasks in celebration of the 50th anniversary.

Have you read Things Fall Apart? If not celebrate by doing so. Unfortunately, EVPL doesn't own an audio version (yet?).

Have you listened to anything by Peter Francis James


Check out:

Things Fall Apart in our catalog.


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